Optometrist or 1st Staff
(if attending without an OD)       $350
(Early price break deadline Expired JULY 21st, regular price was $299)

Optometric Staff           $99 each

(no-price increase)                                           .


Join us as a Individual or bring the Whole Team! 
All can benefit from this summer seminar.  Included this year are hot topics:

"Avoiding the Major Pitfalls in Reimbursement in Just One Hour"

"Dry Eyes in an Hour – What Really Works"

"Managing Common and Some Not So Common Ocular Emergencies – Cases From the Trenches"

"The Top Ten Human Resource Issues and How to Deal with Them"

"Amniotic Membranes – What Works, What’s Legal and What’s Not"

"Understanding Existing and Emerging IOL Technologies – What Does Your Patient Really Need"

Traumatic Eyemergencies"

even an "IPL and Aesthetics Workshop"


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